Saturday, July 25, 2015

Time to Get Serious

My nails have been absolute crap the last two years. I don't know if it's because I have excema, (I cannot seem to keep up with the moisturizer, even though I use it religiously) or my age and suffering from the all mighty perimenopause. Whatever it is, I am bound and determined to fix this someway, somehow...I have a stash of nail polish to use. I have cute nail stamping plates I want to master.

 I used to bite my nails until I was about ninteen years old. I did a lot of damage to my nail bed. It's quite amazing how you can chew on yourself and create really gross happenings. Pus oozing, bleeding, get the idea. I have really prided myself on taking care of my nails since I stopped my bad habit. Since my nails began breaking, peeling, cracking, splitting, etc...I feel really betrayed.

"I take care of you! I pamper you! I make you pretty! You have some nerve doing this nonsense. What is this rebellion?"

So, I get online and start Googling for products that can help and I hit upon a line of products by a UK company called Nail HQ. More Googling ensued and to my delight, all I've found about these products are very optimistic and hit on the all the problem nail issues I've been having.

So, off to Nail Polish Canada I go to see if they carry the Nail HQ line. Behold! They do! Into my cart you go!

 I've decided to start with All in One with Argan Oil. Argan oil is also well-known as Morrocan Oil or Hair Crack. I hope it's as beneficial to my nails.

I have always used ridge filling base coat. Not because I have ridges, but because I find it gives my manicure a really nice smooth finish. I have used OPI's ridge filling base coat for years, but will now test Nail HQ's Ridge Filler Oxygenating Formulation to see if this helps improve the moisture loss in my nails.

To finish off my manicure a good top coat is a must. I will forsake my beloved Out the Door for Nail HQ's Gel Top Coat with Optical Brighteners.

It's not all about the manicure and the nails themselves, but the skin surrounding the nails that must be tended to. So, I will be trying the Cuticle Oil Conditioning Vitamin Complex. I keep stuff like that in my bedside table and apply before bed. I figure it has all night to do its job. During the day, it's just not possible with the amount of times my hands are in water for one reason or another.

I hope to post before/after pics of my nails, while tracking the progress of the nail products.

Wish me luck!

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